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By | May 21, 2021

What is Best of bing homepage quizzes?

Every week there is a bing homepage quiz if there is one day that you can’t access the quizzes you can check in the best of bing homepage quizzes sections.

There are many topics covered in the quizzes. Popular news, science, arts, games. You can search to find the one you want to play here.

These are the most popular updated sections:

  • weinbaugebiet champagne
  • scary movie
  • aurores boreales
  • world space week
  • quiz da primavera
  • education
  • rugby world cup
  • meditation
  • motor racing
  • Weekly
  • Best of bing homepage quizzes
  • Art
  • News
  • Wanderlust
  • Halloween
  • Windows spotlight
  • Windows blickpunkt
  • Homepage
  • Patrimoine
  • premier league

The most popular searches

To understand what people like and search more here we have the list of what is most searched in google thought its history.

90% of inquiries made worldwide correspond to the services of the company founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who today hold the positions of CEO and President, respectively. A whole monopoly that is not without curiosities.

Because, what are the most sought after terms of these twenty years through the platform?

From the well-known and feared effect 2000, through how you can dance, what is a selfie to the translation of love into different languages. Here we leave you the most popular searches.

1999 – What is Google?

2000 – What is the 2000 effect?

2001 – How do you tie a tie?

2002 – What is the most popular sport in the world?

2003 – What is the Human Genome project?

2004 – Is this year leap year?

2005 – How do you dance?

2006 – Is Pluto still a planet?

2007 – Neko Nabe (cats sleeping in pots and pans)

2008 – What is the Large Hadron Collider?

2009 – Translate ‘love’

2010 – How does Auto-Tune work?

2011 – When is the royal wedding? (Prince William and Kate Middleton)

2012 – Mayan Calendar

2013 – How do you pronounce GIF?

2014 – What is a selfie?

2015 – How to prepare an avocado toast?

2016 – When do the Olympic Games begin?

2017 – Images of adorable animals

Believe it or not, Bing is an amazing search engine in terms of innovation and new experiments. Unlike Google, Bing always experiments new things on their main home page which is fascinating at times. If you just go to the default home page of Bing and you will see a lot of fresh images, inspiring quotations, and lots of interactivity beyond search.

Bing Home Page a lots of Interactivity

Though Google holds a significant market share of 87.35%(According to Statista) compared to 5.53% of Bing, there are some hidden features of Bing is exceptional and worth a mention.

Bing Homepage Quizzes is one of these features which is a great addition to its regular search capabilities.

Now Let’s dive into the topic.

Best of Bing Home page Quizzes

What is Bing Homepage Quizzes?

Bing Home page quizzes are a set of questions asked by Bing. It is basically a set of 3 questions which you have to answer. After you answer these questions you will get your score and which you can share with your friends via Facebook and Twitter. Simply put, you can think it as a daily dose of your G.K. tests offered by Bing.

How to play Bing Homepage Quizzes?

First of all, if you are outside of the United States, you can’t access it directly by visiting the Bing home page. You have to adjust your setting for the United States first. Below are the steps on how to do it.

Step1: Go to
Step 2: Click on “Settings”, Then “Location” option.

Step 3: Choose “United States-English’ option

Step 4:After landing on the home page hovers over the graduation icon.
Step 5:Bing home page quiz option will appear finally.

After accessing the Bing home page quiz option as I already stated earlier that you will have to answer a set of 3 questions.

But wait it’s not all! You can always choose the choice of your own topic if you like. I personally found 7 sets of questions based on the topic and location. So you are free to choose any.

Bing Home Page Quiz share on social media

If you are also a lover of quizzes, Bing also offers Bing homepage word games. Microsoft announced recently, that people love such contests, that is why they are going to start weekly quiz contests.

What are the best Bing Homepage Quizzes?

Personally, I feel each one of the set is wonderful. But if you ask me personally. I like particularly 3 sets of questions Celebrating Flag day, Boating on the bojo, and Surfer’s Paradise.

Is there any alternate way to play Bing Homepage Quizzes?

Yes. There is another way to play this Bing Homepage Quizzes.I found it recently and would like to share it here.

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