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By | May 21, 2021

Bing brings daily quizzes to its home page for everyone

Microsoft has been testing a daily quiz on its Bing home page for the past month or so, and will officially launch the feature in about a month.

Learn, earn, and have fun with three new experiences on Bing

Who doesn’t love a trivia challenge or a flash poll on a hot-button issue? According to Social Media Today’s survey of 2016 content marketing trends, consumers love to engage with quizzes, games, and polls. In fact, quizzes and polls were the most-shared content type on Facebook in 2015.

Over the past year, the Bing team has launched several new experiences designed to deliver on our promise to delight and surprise while providing opportunities to learn. In late May, we made one of the more signficant changes to our homepage since Bing launched in 2009, by transforming homepage hotspots into homepage trivia.

Now when you visit, you’ll see a graduation cap icon. Hover over it, and the first question about the image of the day appears.

Choose an answer and you’ll find out whether you guessed correctly.

Complete the three-question quiz, and you’ll get a score you can share on your fave social media site—or you can keep going with the quiz fun by taking quizzes from previous days.

We’re just a month out from the launch of the feature, but we’ve seen a more than 65 percent increase in engagement with the cap icon than we saw with hotspots. We’ll continue to update the design of the homepage quiz as we get feedback, but we’re excited about the ways we continue to evolve the homepage experience and inspire our audience to learn about and explore the natural world.

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